ATTN DG BROWN construction – basically below image – mainly the gray boxes – foundations to floors only

Jamie Tory
Mazie & Maude

Jono Marybeth
Joby & James

Pat Maryline
Madeleine & Max

Rob Sally
Clara & Robin

Other guests also welcome to visit: Dougie family, Megan family, Ang family, Martin, Greg, Dan / Mike lil chris etc etc.

Coming Soon

Phase One: Glamping – Slated to begin July 1st 2017

Cottage Update

A whole bunch of stuff has recently changed regarding the cottage that we *thought* we purchased.  Even though the final offer was signed as one sale of 2 properties (with 2 separate land pins) as it turns out – it is only all one piece of land.  We have talked to the building and land commissions – and it is unlikely we will be able to re-separate the land to how it was due to the stupid shared access road – and regulations regarding that.

This also means that my dream/goal of building each of us a small cabin (with your own key) will not be possible – as before we could have had 2 main buildings – and 2 side buildings – now we can only have one main building (the existing cottage) and one side building (garage / bunkie).

It is unfortunate as we did want to make it possible for sal and rob to work something out with us for the smaller side piece of land (with no well or septic or cabin).  So as you can imagine all of this was disappointing to find out.

…the bright side

Still though – it isn’t all doom and gloom.  After thinking about it and re-jiggering a few ideas I came up with a plan that pretty much achieves the same goals. The building commissioner had said to us that we can build on 30% of the land and that adding on the existing cabin was not an issue.  He also said that the 2nd building (garage/bunkie) could be used as a guest cabin so long as it had a smoke detector.

So… rather than build a bunch of cabins – we have decided to just add “guest rooms” to the existing cabin – and build the stand alone cabin on the other property as we had planned too.
(when i refer to the other property – I am referring to how the property map used to be – which is how we will still view it).  The way the 2 guest rooms will be designed – will emulate a cabin – but still be connected to the house through a door.  The front of each guest room – will have sliding glass doors – and a small front deck.  The stand alone cabin will also have that. The existing cabin’s bedroom will be used for kids or other guests to sleep (bunks).

At the front (current back) of the cabin we will build our own bedroom and large dining/room living room – going out to a large deck that will over look the river.  This will add up to 4 separate spaces (just like before) but 3 are connected to the cabin to keep things legal.

In general the 2 guest rooms & cabin 2 will all have outside doors that lock – and you will all have keys.  Jono/MB & Pat/Mar will have keys to either room 1 or 3 (above). Sal & rob will stick to the old plan of 2nd cabin being yours (as Rob you will help me build it! 😉  (although depending on who’s up on a given weekend – all rooms/cabins to be used appropriately).  So for example – if pat/mar and sal/rob arnt there – and jono/mb come up – they’d just pick where ever they’d prefer to stay.  So in general they are all your rooms and you can put your own stuff in them – but we all share – if we’re not all up there at once. Welcome to communism 2017 ;).

Example – paint inside your room/cabin whatever colour you want, hang your own pics etc.  Just remember others may stay there if youre not up that weekend / week etc.

The guest rooms will have access to kitchen and washroom without going outside. The cabin will be a bit larger – but not have that access without walking over. Sal and Rob used to this – did it for years.


NO ONE EVER HAS TO COME HERE if they dont want. This whole idea is OPTIONAL!

Bright side part 2

So that puts us here:  A 3 acre piece of land beside a 100 acre forest – on a river – 2hrs and 20min from Thyra – EAST – no driving though the city. Somewhat close to Maryline’s mom’s. Close to Ottawa as well.  A flood plain /field – that floods in early spring – but is large and dry all summer and fall. Finally and eventually – a separate space for each family to call their own. Not too shabby.

So here is the game plan. Phase one and Phase Two: see below.

Phase 1

  • Empty /Fix paint repair existing cabin, septic, well, hydro, roof basement, internet.
  • Run electricity down to field for camping
  • Prepare field and “beach” area
  • Get the foundations in for decks and 4 small buildings

The Cabin – will receive immediate attention – getting water and septic going asap. Then basement / hydro etc to follow. We have a new kitchen window and sink that will be put in – and the front of cabin/kitchen will be done in horizontal wood slats (like the other 3 outside cabin walls)  The roof will be repaired/plug leaks. The cabin will be be painted.  The Klaatu sun will be mounted on front of cabin (top). The old deck will be removed / the foundation cinder blocks will be patched and painted.  New front stairs will be added to cabin.  The back wall inside will be taken down to expose beams (ie; is there insulation or not)  If not we will remove all inside walls – insulate and put back on. Kitchen floor will be rebuilt – and that unfinished room insulated as well.  There is a new Shower/tub enclosure going into bathroom.

Back of cabin – trees and deadfall to be cut / removed to expose river view and enable most available land thats flat up top for building

The “Beach” will be in the left corner of the flood plain.  There will be a floating dock, 2 boats – one with a motor, I will clear away any brush and trees – and i bought “Waders” to go in to water chest deep and hoe/rake out as many weeds and underwater plants as possible.  We will be dumping 30 bags of sand, making a firepit, and i have 2 – 14 x 14foot screen tents to go down there as well.

Campgrounds.  There will be 3 to 4 campground areas along the bottom of the hill on the flood plain. There will be electricity run to each. Anything you set up there doesn’t have to be taken down or packed up till late oct or early nov. You can store this up top – or bring it home. So starting July 1st we hope to have this ready.  Should provide everyone with a camp for 4 to 5 months. Every year. For Life. For free. (or as long as we are there). And it will only get better when the rooms and cabin are ready.

The Field. I have lots planned for the field including a baseball field/area (already bought the bases and stuff. going to build a connecting back fence behind batter (like a normal field has), a badminton/volleyball area (bought already) a soccer field (with hockey nets), a shooting range (bought 2 guns with plastic BBs already.) Bean bag and horseshoe area (bought already) . This will all be between your camps and the beach we make.

But wait there’s more…  Explore the forest on a day trip. Camp in there if you dare. Take a short boat ride 5 minutes up river to lake (size of Musselmans lake). Fish (bought rods). People actually travel to fish the Skatanooga river. Drive to sandbanks (1 hour) and spend a day at the beach. (Dont drown!)

Coming sooner or later…  an ATV (again – lots of trails advertised all over), a Snowmobile, skis, winter stuff, Pool up top with surrounding deck.  AND MORE!

Not shown: 8 x 4 ft outdoor “Sit in Theater with projector (have already), organic gardens, “Sun Tub”

Phase 2

  • Complete all the rooms, cabin and decks next year and the one after.

SO THAT’s THE PLAN!  We hope 2 see you all soon – or NOT! whatever you want!

Love jamie, tory (and joan!)

PS – 14 foot x 14 foot screen tents are $149 at crappy tire. buy 5 each and a picnic table and “Glamp”!   lol

PPS – Someday – if we manage to hang on to this place for life – the 3/5ths will be left to jobe james and maddy and the 2/5ths will be left to clara and robin – for their families to enjoy and share.  So it already is really yours – but not totally for a bit!